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Still here!

At the beginning of this year, I expressed an intention to play music every day in 2014. Mostly my uke, which I fall in love with more all the time. Except for two days of a silent meditation retreat I attended in April, I have stuck to this. It’s a wonderful thing to do! I’ve been learning songs from the Great American Songbook and really upgrading my musical skills!

One of my favorite musical moments of the year was performing “Moonlight Becomes You” as part of a Full Moon Ritual with the Radical Faeries on a tropical island paradise in Thailand in February. Oh the places you’ll go!

Here’s a nice little recap of a wonderful evening I was part of last month. Stay in touch!!

Recent Entries

A break in my break

For a long time I’ve said I only want to do music if it’s fun. I don’t feel like booking and promoting gigs. I have a full-time job and don’t want to have to be on duty when I clock out. A long time ago I came to accept that there are only a limited [...]

Why I’ve been on a break

Hi everyone who still looks at this blog! Lol. I, Pete, decided to take a break from performing about a year ago. This was partly due to the high level of effort required to put on shows in NYC, which doesn’t have the easy, low-pressure live music culture I used to enjoy in New Orleans. [...]

It’s Spring!

And what a spring it has been so far! Just got back from a wonderful Spring Gathering, maybe the best ever! (I say that every year.) I’ve been diligently rehearsing with friend and pianist Ryan Rogers who will be joining me at 68 Jay St. Bar this Saturday, May 19 for a 40-minute set. I [...]

Goin’ Back to New Orleans!

Paul and I are excited for the annual New Orleans reunion of Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul at the Hi Ho Lounge in just a few weeks on February 1, 2012. We will be on double bill with our dear friends The New Dopey Singers, one of whose members, Kathleen Kraus, I have known literally [...]

3 gigs in 3 months!

This is the busiest performance schedule I’ve had in a long time! Next week I am at Dixon Place with Cohen & Sturman, I’m playing in San Francisco in October, then a gig in Brooklyn in November. So you’ve got more chances than ever to catch a show of mine. I’m excited for next week [...]

Cohen & Sturman

Hey folks! I’m super excited about my latest collaboration with NYC theater and dance artist Davi Cohen! We’ve been singing together since May of this year and have done two mini-shows since then. We had great fun, singing some of my originals such as “I’ll Be Your Horsie” and “I Can Hardly Wait” and some [...]

Dixon Place HOT! Festival

I’m excited and honored to be a part of HOT! Festival this year at Dixon Place in the Lower East Side on Thursday, June 30th. I had a wonderful time there in January, and this time I’m pretty sure there won’t be six inches of snow! I will be joined by a singer-songwriter I’ve met [...]

“New Gorgeous Guy”

I am finally catching up to a 21st-century kind of speed. I just finished this song and have immediately put it up on YouTube for your enjoyment. I started writing these lyrics years ago and the store referenced is the Whole Foods on Tchoupitoulas in Uptown New Orleans.

Fun with harmonies!

Just got this clip from our friend Brett Every, who sang with us as our NYC gig in June 2010. Enjoy!